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Extending CMDB may report failures when extending/synching classes if “Max Entries Returned By Getlist” has been set to a limit and other errors.



When the CMDB is extended or synchronized with Asset (cmdb2asset synch), then the extensions may include cmdbdriver scripts, AR scripts, and/or data import operations. These operations may encounter AR Errors which mean that the operation failed, or AR WARN messages which mean the operation succeeded but with exceptions to the requested operation.  These warnings can be due to configuration problems or defects, but more importantly they will not be visible in the UI because they are captured in logs. One of those logs is CMDBSynchronizeUI.log. Each time a synchronization (Update UI) is triggered, the progress can be observed in this log and its completion is tracked by this last line of the log:


“Application UI synchronization completed”

Cursor Sharing

Sharing Cursors

Values for CURSOR_SHARING are:

  • EXACT (default)
    • SQL statements must be identical to share cursors.
    • SQL statements that are similar share cursors, provided that their respective execution plans are the same.
    • SQL statements that are similar share cursors regardless of the impact on the execution plan. Bind peeking is done on the first parse, and possibly later due to adaptive cursor sharing (11g).

SIMILAR statements are identical except for the values of some literals.

SSL Troubleshooting

 Troubleshooting SSL with Certutil

This document contains steps that have been used to configure SSL for use with the Remedy AREA and ARDBC LDAP plugins. Most of the information in this document is supported by the individual 3rd party vendors, not BMC, but has been provided as a convenience to the customer. These steps were written from a Windows Server perspective but should be applicable, with some interpretation, to most Unix platforms.

Win2008 64bit IIS 7 and Tomcat

Download the latest Tomcat binaries for Win64 (AMD64 or x64)

  1. Download Tomcat binaries (Windows Service Installer) from It appears the latest Tomcat Service Installer now supports 64 bit so the below files may no longer be needed
  2. Download 64 bit Tomcat Native binaries from
  3. Download 64 bit versions of tomcat6.exe and tomcat6w.exe from
    (replace the 6_0_20 to reflect the version you downloaded in step 1
  4. Download 64 bit Isapi_Redirector.dll from

Install Tomcat

Downloading Files

Copying from Windows to a network share:
From a command prompt use the following command:  COPY <source file> <destination location> /B /Z
Be sure to use COPY, not XCOPY.  I’ve yet to get xcopy to restart.  The /Z will allow you to re-issue the command if it gets interrupted.  When you do this, you will be asked if you want to over write the existing file.  Say yes, and it will pick up where it left off.  I’ve copied several 4GB files in this manner and either dropped the VPN connection or interrupted the transfer using Ctrl-C.  Every file eventually completed successfully and produced the same CRC32 values as the original.  I like to use hashcalc for compute CRC32 values of the file before and after I copy it.  This verifies the integrity of the file.  Be sure to run hashcalc local to the file.