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Remedy 8.1 Installation

Remotely installing or upgrading Email Engine on Microsoft Windows

Follow these two steps first, if you are creating a service where the Email Engine form and arx data is not present:

  1. Import the AR_Email_Workflow.def file located in the AREmail folder using BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
  2. Import the approval_templates.arx file located in the AREmail folder using the BMC Remedy Data Import tool.

After following the above steps, continue with the steps given below.

SSO Intergration by Danny Kellett

by Danny Kellett

The Remedy Action Request System provides hooks, or integration points, to implement Single Sign On (SSO) solutions. Understanding how to use these has taken me almost two years – rereading the various white papers listed below in addition to the installation/configuration guides many times.

My attempt to simplify it follows:

Remedy provides hooks for implementing SSO in two locations; I’m going to call them the front end (the user side), and the back end (the Remedy Application server side).