Error Importing ARERR 326

The CMDB upgrade on the secondary server encountered an unexpected error:
Skipping import of record as defined in options [Fri Feb 06 00:32:01.983] INFO – Error importing record 9: ERROR (326): Required field cannot be blank

Root Cause appears to be that the Server Group ranking was inaccurate and only production server names exist in the Op Ranking form.

The corrective action is to log into the SQL Server database directly and delete all records from teh servgrp_board table. Then restart ARS Services on primary and secondary servers. When the servers come up, they will detect the Server-Group-Member: T and no records in the servgrp_board table and will automatically populate the values there. Once the values are present in the Op Ranking form, you can rank the server group operations accordingly.

At this point, you can re-run the upgrade for CMDB on the secondary server. It should not attempt to import anything and not give this error.