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Setting API Recording on Remedy 8.1

We have often requested for API recording to differentiate between client side and AR Server (and Server-side workflow) problems. 8.1 SP2 Java API has a good usability feature – the ability to set the API recording directory path. This is especially useful on Windows systems where the logs get created in the <WINDOWS>/System32 directory.


Steps to enable API recording for 8.1 SP2 Midtier:


Please find attached arsys_api.xml


  • Open the file and please correct the apiRecordingLogDir to something like the Tomcat Log directory (or a sub-directory)




    • Backup and clear the Tomcat/logs directory.
  • Place the file in the <MidtierInstallDir>/WEB-INF/classes/


  • Shutdown the Midtier service.
  • Restart the Midtier service



User level API logging will appear as for Eg: UserARServer_arapires.log  . Usually the MidtierService user log will also be needed. [A similar procedure can be used for other 8.1 SP2 API clients (email, approval, plugin server, Devstudio) ]


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