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Remedy 7.6.04 General Caching Behavior

Remedy maintain cache in three locations , AR Server, Mid tier and Browser and this is done to ensure optimal performance of the application and to prevent chattiness between tiers.

In 99% of the cases this works fine, the exceptions happen when there are definitional changes that are introduced in the system ( like customizations or new workflow ) and when those changes are implemented , we recommend the cache to be flushed at Mid tier and end user browsers .

If some browsers are not updated then we see the “Caught exception errors” and since the nature of such requests can vary from user to user unless we have the fiddler logs from end user perspective and the MT logs, getting to the bottom of these issues is a challenge

In 8.1 SP1, we are introducing an alternate mechanism to deal with cache so we no longer will be needing the current process, but till then diagnosing this issue is an intrusive process and capturing the fiddler logs and MT logs is the only way to troubleshoot this issue.

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