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What is ARSIGNAL utility?

The ‘arsignal‘ utility is used to send signals to the arserver. The ‘arsignald‘ is a new daemon process introduced in 7.5 to help manage communication between servers in a server group.


  • ./arsignal -c hostname[:port] – read configuration file
  • ./arsignal -g hostname[:port] – read group information
  • ./arsignal -m hostname[:port] – read computed group information
  • ./arsignal -l hostname[:port] – read license information
  • ./arsignal -a hostname[:port] – update alert user information
  • ./arsignal -u hostname[:port] – read user information
  • ./arsignal -d hostname[:port] – transfer signal to DSO process
  • ./arsignal -p hostname[:port] – transfer signal to application process
  • ./arsignal -r hostname[:port] – recache definitions from database
  • ./arsignal -b hostname[:port] – recache and reload archive definitions
  • ./arsignal -e hostname[:port] – recache and reload escalation definitions
  • ./arsignal -version – prints the version information

 Note that arsignald is not the same thing as arsignal.

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