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Month: November 2011

Extending CMDB may report failures when extending/synching classes if “Max Entries Returned By Getlist” has been set to a limit and other errors.



When the CMDB is extended or synchronized with Asset (cmdb2asset synch), then the extensions may include cmdbdriver scripts, AR scripts, and/or data import operations. These operations may encounter AR Errors which mean that the operation failed, or AR WARN messages which mean the operation succeeded but with exceptions to the requested operation.  These warnings can be due to configuration problems or defects, but more importantly they will not be visible in the UI because they are captured in logs. One of those logs is CMDBSynchronizeUI.log. Each time a synchronization (Update UI) is triggered, the progress can be observed in this log and its completion is tracked by this last line of the log:


“Application UI synchronization completed”