It’s finally here!

My family and I picked up my brand new 2010 Street Triple from Southern California Triumph yesterday (6/23) and trailered it back home last night.  I took it out this morning for a test ride and it was awesome!  The deal from Jay Cissell was the best ever.  If you are ever looking for a Triumph motorcycle give Jay a ring at 714-256-6700.

Cursor Sharing

Sharing Cursors

Values for CURSOR_SHARING are:

  • EXACT (default)
    • SQL statements must be identical to share cursors.
    • SQL statements that are similar share cursors, provided that their respective execution plans are the same.
    • SQL statements that are similar share cursors regardless of the impact on the execution plan. Bind peeking is done on the first parse, and possibly later due to adaptive cursor sharing (11g).

SIMILAR statements are identical except for the values of some literals.

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